Civil & Commercial

Contractual Disputes

Factoring (incl. Islamic)

Hire-Purchase/Leasing(incl. Islamic)

Debt Recovery

Loan & Security Enforcement

Tortious Claims (medical negligence & others)

Injunction / Specific Performance

Family; Succession, Probate & Administration

Landlord & Tenant

Land Matters

Intellectual Property (Trademark & others)



Incorporation of Labuan Company/Entity
• Offshore Trading Company
• Offshore Investment Company
• Offshore Special Vehicle
• Onshore and Offshore Investment Bank / Commercial Bank
• Offshore Insurance Company and related activities
• Offshore Leasing Company
• Offshore Factoring Company
• Offshore Money Brokering Company
• Offshore Fund Management Company
• Offshore Securities Licensee
Offshore Limited Partnership, LP /
• Limited Liability Partnership, LLP
• Protective Cell Company, PCC
• Professional Firm

Other Onshore and Offshore Related Services
• Management, administration, accounting, legal and taxation
• Corporate Trustee, Executor, Agent and Custodian
• Assist in Recruitment, Payroll and Work Permit
• Business Feasibility Study
• Business Process Outsource
• Migration of Company to/from Labuan

Setting Up of Labuan Private Trust Company
and Labuan Foundation for
• Wealth / Asset Protection
• Wealth / Asset Management
• Succession Planning

Project Financing and Capital Raising Advisory
• Listing of Debt Security
• Listing of Instrument Fund
• Issuance of Bond
• Issuance of Sukuk
• Offer of Private / Public Fund
• Offer of Securities / Debentures

Onshore and Offshore Tax Advisory

Cross Border Investment & Investment Protection

Listing at Labuan Financial Exchange
(LFX) or other Bourse

Malaysia International Ship Registration (MISR)


Corporate Matters

Register Company

Due diligence review

Opinion on Section 132 Companies Act

Acquisition of Local Company by Foreign Company

Application for exemption to MITI and FIC

Restructuring under Section 176 Companies Act

Joint Ventures

Corporate Advisory



Real Property / Security Documentation

Commercial Loans / Islamic Loans

Government Loan

Sales & Purchase

Syndicated Loan

Corporate Financing



Corporate Litigation

Shareholders dispute

Section 132 Companies Act

Section 176 Companies Act

Indoor Management principle

Reduction / Restructuring of Capital


Syariah Matter

Advice on Islamic banking


Matrimonial Matter