How To Register a Sdn Bhd Company In Malaysia

  • Step 1: Submit Documents
  • Step 2: Proposed Company Name
  • Step 3: Select a Business Nature
  • Step 4: Appointment of New Directors (Minimum 2 persons)
  • Step 5: Registration and Incorporation


What is Sdn Bhd?
Sdn Bhd stands for Sendirian Berhad and is private limited company in Malaysia.

How long does it take to register a new company?
Upon compliance, certificate of incorporation will be issued within 7days working days.

 What are the requirements to register a company?
-Aged 18 years and above.
-At least one director and one shareholder
-Business must be carried out in Peninsular Malaysia or Federal Territory of Labuan.

 What Is Authorised Capital?
Authorised Capital is a registered capital of a company. The amount of authorised capital can be found in the Memorandum & Articles (M&A) and Form 24. For Companies Act 2016 it is refer to share capital.

Why Sdn Bhd need a company secretary?
To advise the directors and the officers regarding the Companies Act 2016 and required under section 236, Companies Act. It must be appoint within 30 days from the date of incorporation of a company.

How to terminate registered business?
Complete the Notice of Termination for Registered Business (FORM C).