Before Messrs Hisham & Partners, Mr Mohd Shakir was previously a litigation assistant at Messrs Nazri Azmi Islinda Bandar Baru Bangi doing general litigation focusing on banking litigation and also for matters pertaining to Tenaga Nasional Berhad. During his early period of practice, he was competent to work independently with minimal supervision and was born to work even when the pressure is piling up.

During the path of his practice, which is now in his third year, he had gained extensive litigation experience in civil cases. He spent much of his practice period by playing substantial roles as solicitors in complex litigation cases assisting En.Azmi during his tenure at Messrs Nazri Azmi Islinda. In Messrs Hisham & Partners, he is the anchor of the litigation team and act of the main counsel for lots of civil cases.

Mr Mohd Shakir has conducted trials in the Magistrate’s Court, Session Court, High Court and also appeared for an appeal cases. He had attended numerous of Hearings included interlocutory proceedings. He is also outstanding in legal research. Not just well experienced in the courtroom, he is also excellent in preparting cause papers which include Petition and Memorandums of Appeals, Written Submissions and Authorities and others.

Even though he is now in his third year of practice, he has vast experience in doing banking litigation cases including bankruptcy proceedings, writ seizure and sale proceedings, judgment debtor summons and also winding-up proceedings. He also has the experience in handling accident cases as he was once practising in Messrs L.Y.Leong & Partners doing runners-up matters, act on behalf of the insurance.